Prices & Services*

The following are common services provided. Please Contact GunTech regarding services not listed.
All prices include tax

Basic Services

Clean, Oil and Adjust
Complete clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble $ 90.00
  • Pistol
$ 50.00
  • Double barreled (side by side/over under)
Scope mounting (per hole) $ 25.00
Boresighting $ 40.00
Sight in rifle (does not include cost of ammo, target, etc.) $ 45.00
Per hour labor for services requiring quotes $ 50.00
Per hour labor for machine work $ 70.00

Stock Work

True Oil finish (includes stripping and sanding) $ 95.00
Hand rubbed Oil finish (includes stripping and sanding) $120.00
Install butt pad (labor only) $ 50.00
Other Stock Work quoted, including:
  • Recut checkering
  • Glass bedding barrel and action
  • Repairs
  • Painting
  • Inletting and finishing of semi-finished stock

Shotgun Work

Lengthen forcing cone (plated bores extra) $ 75.00
Straighten vent rib $ 35.00

Metal Refinishing

  • Pistol
$ 75.00 (minimum)
  • Long Gun
$110.00 (minimum)
Bluing $275.00 (minimum)

*GUNTECH LLC reserves the right to update prices as needed.
*GUNTECH LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.